Who We Are!

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Permits? Done!




Permits? Done! was started to give contractors and owner/builders an affordable resource for handling the regulatory aspects of permitting from experienced professionals. It is our Mission to see that everyone be able to have their project built safely, to code, with a legal permit that adds the maximum value to the owners property. We have years of experience in drafting, engineering, code compliance, construction and creating good working relationships with planning, building and inspection divisions of numerous different jurisdictions. Let our experience work for you.


Who We Are!


We are a permitting and documenting service that provides drafting, design, and project coordination services. We have relationships with building departments all over Northern California, engineers of all different disciplines, licensed contractors, certified trades people, handymen and skilled laborers. We have the experience, knowledge and understanding needed to get your project done right the first time. Whether you have a construction project needing permitting or dream of a project to be constructed, we can help you. Our network of professionals gives us great rates and we pass those rates on to our customers.

What We Do!

We have a whole host of services that can assist you with your project. From project management to drafting, engineering, representation with the building department, we can provide a full host of services to completely handle your project or you can select your specific needs. We can review already built structures for the possibility of getting them permitted. We can consult with you about code requirements and compliance. Whether your project is in the beginning stages or has already been built without a permit, we can assist you.

Property Owners:


If you have an existing structure that is unpermitted or you would like to build something on your property, we can help you get the maximum value for your structure or building project with the least expense. Unpermitted structures can actually void your insurance, reduced the value of your property, create health and safety issues and incur fines from the code compliance division of your local building authority. We can help you to resolve or avoid all of these things.

We assist property owners in resolving code compliance issues. With our experience and education we can evaluate your existing structure and offer solutions for you to choose from.

Whether a handyman/DIY type person, or you just dream of a property improvement project, let us help you get the value you deserve from your hard work. Your plans and projects can be turned into legally permitted, fully valued enhancements to your existing property that will be sources of pride and increasing value over time. Let Permits? Done! handle all of that boring red tape while you focus on your personal artistic passion. Our volume discount pricing with the professionals that we have relationships with, gets extended to you for your single project. This allows us to realize discounts for professional services that we can pass on to our customers’ projects large and small.



  • Do you have customers who have existing unpermitted structures that are keeping your project from moving forward?
  • Would you like to decrease your labor cost overhead, without losing your ability to access permits quickly?
  • Would you like to be able to submit your permits faster during your high seasonal sale periods?


Permits? Done! Can help you resolve all of these issues and more.

Our relationship with building departments, plus our experience in drafting and permitting equals success for you. For less than the cost of maintaining an employee, you can sub-contract your permit work to us and never pay for more than what you actually need.

If you have your own design or permitting department already, we can help during those high volume seasonal times so that you don’t have to hire a new employee, and then lay them off later when your work load returns to normal.

We specialize in assistance with those jobs keeping you from getting your permit because of an existing unpermitted/code compliance issue on the property. We inspect these structures and evaluate them for their ability to be permitted at current code requirements.

This leaves you free to move on to other projects while we deal with the issues. Once resolved, we return the job to you ready for you to move forward on your project.

Unpermitted Structures:


If you have an unpermitted structure or have a code compliance issue, we can assist you with resolving it.


We offer unpermitted structure consultation services on a case by case basis. This includes a site inspection for the purposes of determining your structures current ability to comply with code requirements. We can evaluate what will have to be done to make the structure safe, meet code requirements, or suitable for permitting. We will look for the most cost effective method of resolving your situation, determine your options and present them to you for deciding how you want to move forward.

Whether you need to permit the structure after the fact, dismantle, or demolish the structure, we can assist you!