Meet the Team!


Viky Von Aspern


Phone: (530) - 949 - 2841



Viky is an excellent project coordinator and manager with decades of applicable experience in numerous industrial, commercial and residential trades. Her engineering degrees, plus degrees in electrical, mechanical, architectural and 3D drafting, combined with years of construction/trade experience, field application experience, plus business systems and modeling experience work for you. She is a leader that is an excellent communicator, team builder and motivator who will use her skills to keep your project on track and within budget. She has years of experience creating systems, overseeing projects, writing and developing training programs, working with various building departments/personnel and assisting customers. She brings everyone together into a cohesive team to get projects done! Never pretentious, she speaks in straight forward, easy to understand language and she listens to your needs and desires, so that she can give our customers what they really want. Always ready with a smile and a laugh, don't let her easy going nature fool you. When it comes to getting your project completed ON TIME, ON TRACK and ON BUDGET she is ALL BUSINESS and that spells success for our customers!



Suzanne Boemeke


Phone: (530) - 515 - 9848



Suzanne's many different disciplines of learning coalesce, to create an extremely multi-faceted and unique contribution to the team. She has training and skills in Business Development, Project Management, Systems Development, CAD Drafting, Graphic Arts, Web development, Marketing and so much more. Logical and grounded, she has an excellent ability to problem solve, thinking outside the box to create solutions from a fresh, unique perspective. Her motivation and innovation combine to get work done fast, while still retaining high standards of accuracy and quality for your project.